What is Leading With Pride?

Leading With Pride

A comprehensive leadership program for you as a LGBTQIA professional, ally or activist. You will recognize your strengths and the power of your uniqueness. It will empower you to build the leader already inside you so that you can improve your life as well as the lives of others.

You will:

  • Lead from the power of your own story
  • Connect with people and strengthen them from within
  • Discover how to transform limitations to possibilities
  • Identify and amplify your core strengths
  • Join a community of leaders creating lasting positive empowerment.

Leading With Pride Is Made Possible With Generous Support Of:

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How you’ll change

You will understand your Passion For Change
You will understand what you want to change in the world and why. You will know where your drive is coming from, how to use it to make life better for others and how to create a clear vision of your Passion For Change

You will develop a Strong Sense of Self
Finding the empowerment in your life experiences, you will develop a strong sense of who you are and the value of your uniqueness. You will better understand your unique ability to contribute and why it is important. You will find your authentic leadership voice.

You will begin to be Constantly Curious
Through developing your powers of observation and query, you will begin to understand what is motivating your behavior and the behavior of others. You will question the assumptions behind the actions and be able to break barriers and help people adopt new empowering beliefs and assumptions.

You will develop a Bias for Bold Action
Using your passion and sense of who you are, you will have a realistic understanding of overstated risks and be on the constant search for thoughtful, empowering potential actions. You will expand “saftey zones” for yourself and others, eliminating fear to create lasting positive empowerment.

Leading With Pride Sessions

Sessions Currently Accepting Applications:

Publicis Sapient Hyderabad Aug 2024 Saturday
Launching on August 3, 2024

Sessions are held on Saturdays from August 10 through September 21 Certification Celebration Friday, December 20, 2024

Capgemini Delhi NCR Sep 2024 Sunday
Launching on September 1, 2024

Sessions are held on Sundays from Sep 15 through Oct 09 Certification Celebration Friday, January 31, 2025

Intuit Bengaluru Oct 2024 Saturday
Launching on October 19, 2024

Sessions are held on Saturdays from October 26 through December 07 Certification Celebration Friday, April 25, 2025

Coming Soon: additional sessions in other cities.

Gallery From Previous sessions

Pre 2022 Sessions

Where are they now?

What some participants have done after completing Leading With Pride:


Harish is a part of the Bangalore 2020 cohort. After spending 7 years in the field of marketing, the course helped him to realize his true passion for Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI), and with conviction managed to switch his career to DEI. He is a strong voice for equality in both professional and personal space and LWP has helped him to understand his passion and chase it.


Kaushik Srivatsan K, participated in the Pilot LWP program, after which he left his corporate underwriting job to pursue his masters degree at IIM Raipur.


Manveen Kaur, after her LWP Certification decided to continue her education and is enrolled in an executive program in HR at XLRI Jamshedpur and wants to do research in how diversity and inclusion impacts people and societies on both a micro and macro level.


Lalit Chetan Kandangkel says that LWP inspired him to pursue his PhD in Environmental science at IIT Dhanbad where he received a fellowship.


Megha Sharda is part of a digital startup which uses technology to help people build better habits for lasting well being after completing LWP.


Dr Pragati Singh was inspired by LWP to reenergize the support group for Asexuals (IndianAces). drpragatiSingh.com


Charles Williams followed his passion for helping the LGBTQIA community by consulting with community owned startups. Having an impactful journey visioned through LWP later joined as Business Operations Manager with our client/partner Publicis Sapient into Agile Program Management and is contributing his professional skillsets to one of the business key accounts into Financial Management. He was recognized for his contribution within the organization within 3(three) months of his joining Publicis Sapient.


Sandeep Nair followed his dream to become a parent and moved to Canada where he is Manager of Operations at Pride at Work Canada while he and his husband have been approved for  adoption and are waiting to meet their child(ren).


Shankar Ravi, inspired by LWP, is pursuing their masters at Harvard University in the USA, doing research on how queer friendly education has a positive effect on queer students.  He was just elected Chair for student Groups at Harvard University.


Sharan Karthik Raj, used what he learned in LWP to amplify the impact of his LGBTQIA support group for Tamil speakers all over the world.  His last conference recording had over 10,000 views on Facebook.


Shashwati P is a Diversity & Inclusion Consultant and is pursuing her dream to make inclusive & accessible places a reality. She is making DEI fun through her weekly videoblogs


Viekas Khokha left his job as a director of HR for an MNC because he was not comfortable being himself in his corporation. He came to LWP to help figure out his next steps. He is now the out leader of HR at a large Indian Agra-business firm and actively promotes Diversity and Inclusion both inside and outside of his company.


After LWP, Vinit Nemmaniwar who is a trained ayurvedic Chef started working towards his dream of making adulteration free products available in the market.


Vishal Pinjani completed his LWP certification and then accelerated his hope to become a life-coach and motivational speaker while expanding his support group for LGBTQIA people in Kolhapur and continuing his suicide prevention efforts.


Shivalal Gautam, after taking LWP, significantly expanded his work in HIV prevention in Arunachal Pradesh, Assam and Meghalaya.



Corporate Engagement How corporations collaborate with Leading With Pride

Mentoring Relationships
Collaborating organizations provide internal leaders as mentors to LWP Participants. Mentors receive training on diversity and inclusion as well as mentoring and influencing. They are assigned a participant who they coach through completion of their certification project. While mentoring, corporate leaders build their experience working with diverse populations in a safe environment, increasing their capacity for positive, inclusive impact in their organizations.

Production Enablement
Collaborating Organizations provide financial contributions as well as venues and on-premises session support that make the program possible while engaging their personnel with the larger community. While collaborating with LWP in making the program possible, organizations connect with high-potential, diverse talent and build their organizational culture.

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Collaboration partners

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