Our Team

Lead… using the power of your own story.

Sabah Mistry will be the Production Director and co-facilitator for most sessions. She has been with the LWP program since early in its evolution. She is passionate about the program and has contributed greatly to its growth. In addition to her role at LWP, she is COO at IDIA, an NGO focusing on helping disadvantaged people become lawyers. Sabah is located in Bangalore

Suresh Kumar manages the website development and testing. He has eight years of experience in technical and administrative support across several sectors. He is founder of Queer Wings Group, an LGBTQIA -focused promotions group and works from Mumbai

Arnab Haldar develops curriculum for LWP. He is passionate about education and has worked developing course work for the Education Initiative (ZIIEI) and the Sri Aurobindo Society among others. He enjoys experimenting and thinking “out-of-the-box.” Arnab works out of Delhi.

Ankita Pandey takes on the role of class facilitator and curriculum development at LWP. She passionately delves into vulnerable conversations, redefining sensitivity as a strength. With an HR background, she shapes systems and processes in start-ups, crafting policies and playbooks. She is anchored in Pune.

Saurabh Kumar is a Technical Advisor for LWP. He is helping us make learning easier and longer-lasting through our digitization strategy. He is currently pursuing his masters in Data Analytics in the UK.

Dwight Cook will be the primary facilitator for this session. He is the founder and architect of the program. He has an extensive career in transforming international teams within corporations as well as in LGBTQAI activism and Diversity, Equity and Inclusion programming and policy. Dwight’s home is in Long Beach, California in the USA and he spends a great deal of his time throughout India.

Key Influencers

Ember Cook Psy. D.

Clinical Psychologist in Private Practice Social Justice Activist and Strategist

Sudanshu Pandit

Chief People Officer, Jade Global D&I Advocate Learning and Development Expertise

Arti Gusain

Director, Major India Corp Leadership Institute Thought Leader Development Program Designer

Suresh Ramdas

Professional Trainer at HP Mr. Gay World India 2019 Stanford University Leadership Development Graduate

Vieshaka Dutta

Director, Diversity and Inclusion Co-founder; Working With Pride

Bindhu Bhatia

MD & Founder NeuCode Talent Academy Consultant, NLP Master and Coach

Rashmi Vikram

Director, Diversity and Inclusion Diversity and Inclusion Consulting Education and Development

Claudia Mino PH. D.

Director, Learning and Development Change Management Leader

Veena Kulkarni

Founder, Road to Utopia Learning and Development for underprivileged populations

Neil Schneider

LGBTQIA and HIV Activist Husband and Friend