Our Story

Lead… using the power of your own story.

Our Mission:

  • We will build communities of resilient, empowered change leaders, from diverse corporations, communities, collaborating together to make the world better.
  • We empower individuals to be resilient and skilled, self-driven, change leaders who collaborate broadly to bring bold, impactful results.
  • We empower organizational leaders to become empathetic, engaging coaches who grow more impactful through deep, bridging, personal connections.

How we do it:

We create personal resilience, leadership, and collaboration competency through impactful online learning experiences combined with in-person (virtual and physical) connecting and sharing experiences along with sustained development through passion-driven projects and mentoring. Batches (aka Pods) are composed of six to ten individuals recruited from local communities. We integrate proven change leadership tools and content that focus on liminality and diversity as personal, social, and organizational assets. We make them accessible to early and mid-career professionals and community leaders. The coursework goes for approximately six intense weeks and then participants work with a corporate mentor assigned from our collaborators for about five months, after which they complete their certification. Participants collaborate on WhatsApp for support and help in projects post coursework completion.

The Leading With Pride Story:

Leading With Pride is the passion and vision of Dwight Cook with the help of many other people. As a corporate executive with an extensive history of transforming teams and as an advocate for Diversity and Inclusion, Dwight was inspired by watching Employee Resource Group (ERG) leaders struggle to build successful programs. He created LWP by integrating several of the tools and principles used in transforming teams and making them assessable to early career professions and activists. A pilot session was tested in October of 2018 in Bangalore with PowerPoint slides and flip charts. Since then the program has evolved to included extensive online tools and content delivery and has garnered a growing number of corporate collaborators.

Leading With Pride is an empowerment program of Working With Pride.

Working With Pride is a collaborative of Diversity and Inclusion professionals and advocates engaged in connecting, collaborating and enabling each other to build inclusive workplaces in India. (www.workingwithpride.org, hello@workingwithpride.org)

“Society Began When We Learned We Can Do More Together” Tim Cook