Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I attend this workshop?
You will be amazed at the power of your story, for your own resilience, strength, and inspiration as well as to connect with and inspire others.
You’ll learn to break down your own barriers and learn how to thrive while leading positive change.

What are the basic tenants or themes of Leading With Pride?
Know your Change Passion; this is what drives you.
Have a Strong Sense of Self; the unique value of who you are and where you come from.
Be Aggressively Curious; see to see the bigger vision and to understand what is driving the behaviors
Build a Bias For Bold Action; constantly work get good stuff done.

What will I learn from this program?
You learn to use your own life story to find your personal inner strengths, motivation, and inspiration.
You’ll use your personal moments of truth to understand who you really are and gain clarity on what gives you meaning and purpose in life.
You will learn how you create barriers to yourself and others as well as how to break them so you can act in bold, thoughtful ways to create breakthrough positive lasting change.
You’ll learn about how change happens and how to break barriers to lasting change.
You will learn the power of positivity and how to change many negative situations into positive outcomes.
You will learn how to connect with others in deep and lasting ways.

Is there an age limit?
No, you must be 18 years or older.

What if I cannot attend all the sessions?
Attending every session is important as the subjects are progressively dependent on each other. Missing any session or even a part of one session creates significant risk to your learning. Additionally, the team builds trust and cohesiveness that can be disrupted. Contact us if a schedule conflict is preventing you from signing up for the class.

Who can attend the sessions?
Leading With Pride is designed for LGBTQIA professionals, activists and Allies. Participants need to speak English and have basic writing and presentation skills. They need to have access to a computer and internet with some capability with MS Word and PowerPoint or similar presentation and word processing tools. Participants commit to attend all 6 days and to complete homework.

How will you know Leading With Pride Is Successful?
Leading With Pride collects feedback from current and on-going participants on their growth and skill use. A formal assessment program measures participants’ growth over a 6-month period after the class both from the participant’s view as well as the view of an objective mentor or associate.

Is there help for participants who can’t afford the refundable 10000 INR tuition?​
A few opportunities exist for financial support in the form of loans for those in need. These opportunities are limited. Participants are encouraged to find financing on their own.

I want to know if my story is safe and not exploited in any manner.
Your story will be up to you to share, you can use to influence, connect and engage others. Participants commit to a strict confidentiality code.
Social media participation is voluntary.

How often will you be offering LWP sessions?
We plan to hold Leading With Pride sessions in major cities in India at least once each year as collaborating companies become available.