A mentor is someone who sees more talent and ability within you, than you see in yourself, and helps bring it out of you."

- Bob Proctor

Mentoring at Leading With Pride

Why be a Mentor?

Mentorship is a beautiful journey wherein a leader helps another to realize their leadership traits and hones them to become confident of their own qualities. Mentorship at Leading With Pride is a symbiotic relationship about helping each other be our most empowered selves. While the mentee gains empowerment from the vision and observations of the mentor, the mentor gains understanding and empathy. The mentor helps the mentee build a strong sense of self and develop their own vision and drive.  The mentor builds influencing skills that carry over into their work and personal lives.

Why Mentoring with LWP is Empowering?

Traditional mentoring has focused largely on sharing the wisdom and knowledge gained from experience. Modern workforces are increasingly more diverse and purpose-driven. Top talent is often drawn to startups and mission-driven organizations. Modern workforces learn and follow differently than just a few years ago. Tomorrow’s successful leaders will be driven largely by their ability to relate individual experiences and values to organizational goals. Diversity, Inclusivity, Equity and Belonging are increasingly more important. Leaders will rely less on their own experience and more on understanding and empathizing with the experiences of others.



How Mentoring at LWP Works

Leading With Pride collaborates with corporations to present sessions.  Mentorship opportunities generally arise through those organizations. The entire mentoring support has 4 steps:
  1. Your company or organization collaborates with LWP to present an LWP Session.
  • Leading With Pride recruits and screens Participants
  • Participants begin training and create their Passion Project.
  1. Mentors sign up with the collaborating companies.
  • Are accepted into the Program
  • Complete online training (2 hours)
  1. Mentor and Mentee are introduced
  • Mentor and Mentee meet periodically
  • Project work continues
  1. Certification Celebration
  • Participant completes their Passion Project and certification
  • Group participants and their mentors meet to celebrate
Contact the Diversity and Inclusion and/or Corporate Social Responsibility teams in your organization to suggest or join the collaboration. For more information and enquire about collaborating, contact us here.